A new focus on the physical assets management

Its Origin

2014 welcomes ISO 55000 norm. This international standard, based on BS PAS55:2008, establishes the criteria and the best practices to be followed in the physical assets management.

Kipula is a powerful web application that is developed to manage the life cycle activities of the physical assets of any industrial process or any infraestructure.

It offers the ideal support of an ambitious objective: ISO 55000 Norm Certification.


KIPULA, the software that manages the assets, is an advanced tool that allows in full the following functions:

  • Criticality analysis.
  • Failure modes analysis.
  • RCM (Reliability centered maintenance
  • Life Cycle Cost management (LCC).
  • Budgetary management of the assets: budgets control and drawing up.
  • Medium and long term plan Life Cycle Activities


The tool combines different innovations that facilitate the assets management of the factory:

  • “Cross view” is a utility that the user has to display, with one click, in one screen all the system of assets management: the assets tree, the modules menu, the records management and the required information.
  • “Smart icons”: a tool that warns the users how critical are the assets by displaying, through the assets tree, the excessive life cycle cost and/or the assets that exceed their budget.



Optimise technically and economically the physical assets management.


Reach a higher level of assets management.


Improve the assets operation from the energetic and environmental point of view.


Remove the breaks in information transmission providing all needed relevant information of the physical assets to the management to take strategic decisions related to the business continuity.