Prioritization of the Life Cycle

The criticality Analysis

The criticatility analysis is at the heart of Kipula. It represents the starting point when defining an optimized strategy of management and a future analysis RCM. The impact on business continuity (availability, cost, legal compliance, etc.) caused by the failure of an asset and its likelihood to happen are the aspects evaluated for the calculation of the criticality of an asset.


RCM Management

Kipula includes advanced management tools in the management of physical assets such as RCM, whose ultimate aim is continous improvement, allowing the user to deepen his/her knowledge of their assets and to establish concrete plans for improvement and monitoring associated with each asset.

Monitoring the Life Cycle Cost

When using this technique, Kipula financially monitors those assets thar were defined by the user and, hence comparing the accumulated.


A change in the strategy of assets management

Medium and long term perspective of the physical assets management

Kipula allows to carry out a technically supported projection of the medium and long term overheads in the physical assets management. Hence what os obtained is:

  • An optimal risk management.
  • The optimization of the company resources.
  • The best results.

Online Budget Monitoring

With a mere click, the management of the company gets a “real picture” of the cumulative overheads, a comparison of the approved budget and the perspective of the overhead in the physical assets management.

Budget Modeler

With the budget modeler, Kipula allows the development of the Operational and Investment Budget in a determined financial period considering all entries of activities related to the life cycle of an asset.